Summer 2009 - Critical services face an uncertain future

Table of Contents:

Editor's Message - Struggling for justice

Policy Update

  • Freshman quietly reforms health care
  • Why you should care about the State Health Plan

Community Focus

  • Innovative approach to student discipline
  • Health care for North Carolina and America Now!
  • Elderly depend on ebbing aid
  • The evidence is in: The Community Reinvestment Act curbs unsafe lending

Feature Article

  • Together NC and North Carolina's budget crisis

Information Exchange

  • When doctors and lawyers connect, kids win
  • Is every child in North Carolina entitled to immunizations?
  • Tribue: Kay Zwan, Community Activist
  • On the road with the NC Health Access Coalition
  • Can we talk? Listening to public employees makes economic sense
  • Society and Immigration: The truth behind the immigration debate
  • The fight against Fibrowatt
  • Legal rights for immigrants; 2009 giving campaign
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