Together NC Statement on Gov. Perdue's budget veto

Statement From Together NC on Gov. Perdue's Budget Veto
Move is “absolutely correct”; 130-plus groups call on lawmakers to sustain the veto

RALEIGH (June 12, 2011) – Gov. Beverly Perdue's decision to veto the job-killing, school-destroying budget proposed by the North Carolina General Assembly is absolutely correct.

This budget would devastate our education system, which is the foundation of North Carolina's prosperity. It would also cost jobs and economic vitality at precisely the wrong time. We need to invest in North Carolina's future, not retreat from funding the vital institutions that make our state great.

In her veto announcement, Gov. Perdue was also correct on two crucial points. First, the most devastating cuts could have been avoided simply by maintaining the penny sales tax. Simply preserving the revenue we have would make a huge difference to schools, health systems, and public safety in North Carolina. Second, Gov. Perdue is correct that the budget she favors would be better-suited to protect schools than the legislative budget she has vetoed today.

Gov Perdue is to be applauded for standing up for teachers, firefighters, and health care workers. We call upon lawmakers to join her in standing with everyday North Carolinians by sustaining this veto. Only then can we build a budget that really works to create prosperity in North Carolina.

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