Policy & Progress: Jan. 2011

Policy & Progress
January 2011


Table of Contents:

  • It’s Not Just the Economy by Alexandra Forter Sirota and Edwin McLenaghan

  • North Carolina’s Convoluted School Funding System by Matthew Ellinwood

  • The Sales Tax Disaster by Edwin McLenaghan

  • How Big Corporations Suck North Carolina Dry by Jeff Shaw

  • Coalition Fights for Shared Prosperity in North Carolina by Jeff Shaw

  • Investing in North Carolina’s People by Gene Nichol

  • Justice Center Advocates Honored

  • Budget & Tax Center Spreads the Word about the Budget

  • Scratch and Shift: NC Lottery Giving Education Smaller Share by Sarah Ovaska

  • Updating our 20th Century Labor Laws for the 21st Century Workplace by Louisa Warren

  • Health Benefits for All by Adam Linker

  • Hampered by HAMP as Foreclosures Rise by Sarah Ovaska

  • A Harvest of Dignity by Bart Evans

  • Headed the Wrong Way on Mental Health by Chris Fitzsimon

  • Why Progressives Need Not Despair by Rob Schofield


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