Kim-Marie McLellan joined the NC Justice Center in August of 2016 as Deputy Director of Gifts and Endowments. Immediately prior to joining the Justice Center, Kim was the Acting Executive Director of Lillian’s List, a North Carolina PAC and 501C4 focused on providing resources and skills to empower progressive women to run, win and lead as they take the path to political leadership. An advocate for equity and equality, she has worked tirelessly on women’s issues for more than nine years serving many roles. At Lillian’s List she spearheaded the development program quadrupling the budget and expanded the recruitment and training creating one of the top political leadership programs in North Carolina during her tenure.

As founding Executive Director for Women AdvaNCe, a nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of North Carolina’s women and families by empowering creating a network charged with progressing social change as well as encouraging constructive public dialogue about progressive ideas and public policy initiatives, she led the organization since the launch in 2013 until mid-2016.

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