Quisha Mallette joined the Fair Chance Criminal Justice Project in September 2019. She attended law school at UNC Chapel Hill and was inducted into the James E. and Carolyn B. Davis Society, one of the most prestigious societies at the law school. Quisha is also a proud graduate of Hampton University and Howard University.

As a North Carolina native, Quisha is deeply invested in uplifting community and challenging harmful policies and practices of state and local institutions. Prior to joining the NC Justice Center, she worked at Reinvestment Partners, leading research and advocacy efforts to address criminal fines and fees in North Carolina. Her community-based efforts include serving as the Durham Chapter Fellow for Southerners On New Ground, where she has organized around the inherent injustices of the criminal justice system and its impacts on marginalized communities, particularly queer people of color. In her free time, Quisha enjoys the arts and being immersed in community. Family and friends also play an important role in Quisha’s life and help her stay grounded.

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