This month for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, we are spotlighting the persistent and pervasive wage gap that continues to undervalue the contributions of Black women in our workforce. According to 2022 Census data, Black women in North Carolina earn only 69 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men for full-time, year-round work, and just 66 cents when part-time work is included. This stark disparity reflects deep-rooted systemic racism and sexism that have shaped our economy, laws, and policies since the founding of our nation.

According to the 2022 Census Data, for doing the same work Black women typically earned 69 cents for every $1 paid to a white, non-Hispanic man.

The impact of pay discrimination and occupational segregation — where Black women are often funneled into low-paid and undervalued jobs — extends beyond individual financial hardship. It affects their children, families, communities, and ultimately, our entire economy. The call for both equal pay and higher pay is urgent and essential for achieving justice and equity for Black women and their families.

We join with national and state partners in a shared call to action for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, urging federal lawmakers to implement meaningful and immediate changes.

Why It Matters 

When Black women have economic security, our nation’s families, communities, and economy are strengthened. Addressing the wage gap and ensuring fair and equitable wages for Black women is not just a matter of justice but a necessity for the health and prosperity of our society and economy. 

By advocating for Black women to be paid equitably, we can work toward a future where all workers are valued and fairly compensated for their contributions. This Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, we stand united in our commitment to fight for justice and equity.  

Black Women Equal Pay Day_Woman buying produce from farmer marketer.

Let’s urge our lawmakers to take decisive action to close the wage gap and create a fairer, more inclusive economy for everyone. Together, we can make a difference. 

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