Demonstrators to call on Gov. McCrory to release Medicaid plan prioritizing closing the Medicaid gap

WHO: Medical professionals, impacted people, community health advocates and concerned citizens
WHAT: Press conference to urge Governor McCrory to present his solution to close the Medicaid gap
WHERE: Tipsy Teapot (now called Crave), 409 Evans St #B, Greenville, NC 27858
WHEN: Thursday, July 16, 11:00 am

GREENVILLE (July 14, 2015) — Medical professionals, impacted people, and community advocates will gather on Thursday, July 16, at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville (now called Crave) to urge Governor McCrory to present a proposal to expand health insurance coverage in North Carolina.

The “Where’s the Plan?” Day of Action is intended to send a clear message that the 500,000 hard-working North Carolinians in the Medicaid coverage gap can wait no longer- the Governor must act swiftly to propose a plan that includes addressing Medicaid expansion.

The Greenville “Where’s the Plan?” Day of Action event is one of six demonstrations and press conferences taking place across the state tomorrow to illustrate the local impact and wide-spread public support for closing the Medicaid coverage gap. Speakers will highlight missed opportunities for economic growth and unnecessary deaths resulting from state leaders’ refusal to expand Medicaid.

On July 16th, the Georgetown Center on Children and Families also will release a report highlighting the urgency of this issue to parents and children in North Carolina. The report examines state-specific data to show the importance of expanding insurance coverage to more families.

Governor McCrory stated on multiple occasions that he would announce his Medicaid proposal after the King v. Burwell U.S. Supreme Court opinion which was decided in June. Advocates maintain that North Carolina can afford to wait no longer to address Medicaid expansion, citing studies indicating the Medicaid gap results in more than 1,000 deaths each year and has cost NC 43,000 jobs.

“Where’s the Plan?” Day of Action events will take place in Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Greenville, and Fayetteville. Local activists across the state will also contact the Governor’s office and take action via social media to urge Governor McCrory to show North Carolina citizens a clear plan that closes the coverage gap in our state.


  • Media can access a 2014 report from the Center for Health Policy Research at The George Washington University to see the economic impact of not expanding Medicaid on every county in North Carolina at The report shows that statewide North Carolina could gain $21 billion in federal tax revenue, create 43,000 jobs, and generate $161 million in new county tax revenue between 2016 and 2020 if the state closes the coverage gap.
  • Medicaid expansion is a matter of life and death. A 2012 study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that expanding Medicaid by 500,000 enrollees is associated with 2,840 fewer deaths each year. This is the number of people estimated to enroll if North Carolina expanded Medicaid. A 2014 study in Health Affairs noted that if the expansion population is healthier than expected we may see between 455 and 1,145 fewer deaths each year after expansion.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Adam Linker,, 252-375-6520.