RALEIGH (July 23, 2015) — Today is a sad day for any North Carolinian who cares about public education. The North Carolina Supreme Court disregarded the plain language of our state Constitution, which provides that public funds for education must be used “exclusively” to support the public schools. A voucher scheme that lacks standards and accountability will be allowed to continue draining funds from our public schools, harming students across our state and undermining the foundation of North Carolina’s prosperity.

Risky voucher schemes like the current law will not require schools to have qualified teachers or a standard curriculum, and allow publicly funded private schools to discriminate against students on the basis of income, disability or religion. Schools that receive vouchers have no accountability for student learning and achievement.

We are deeply disappointed by the Court’s decision. Allowing public funds to go to private schools will directly harm our already underfunded schools – and the children of North Carolina who rely on them.

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