RALEIGH (May 12, 2021) – The North Carolina House is expected to vote on a bill this morning that would stifle teachers’ ability to discuss important social issues such as systemic racism, homophobia, or sexism. House Bill 324 is intended to prohibit schools and teachers from teaching or discussing historical and current realities of racism and other forms of oppression in the United States.

“The NC Justice Center strongly opposes any legislation that would restrict what students are taught about the reality of our nation’s long and complicated racial history and its implications in the inequities that persist in our schools and broader society. It is important to speak honestly on and engage with these crucial issues as part of an education system that values critical thinking, transparency, personal and collective responsibility, and the humanity of all students. Today’s students are ready to be part of these conversations. Limiting their exposure to complex and challenging ideas is a disservice to them and their development.”