Amid the backdrop of a stubborn pandemic, continued economic uncertainty, and rising inflation that is only now beginning to abate, North Carolina lawmakers are beginning a new legislative session.

As we reflect on the many ways COVID-19 illustrated the harms of systemic inequities, we are called to see these problems anew and engage them with boldness to ensure prosperity and opportunity for all North Carolinians.

The pandemic revealed critical policies, practices, and systems that need to be strengthened. Now, with nearly three years of data and information available to guide decision-making, lawmakers have a unique opportunity to leverage what we have learned to adopt policies that advance the health and economic security of all North Carolinians and build resilience for years to come.

This legislative agenda offers policy recommendations to better insulate North Carolina from future crises, remove barriers to economic mobility, and ensure every North Carolinian— white, Black, and brown—has the opportunity and resources needed to thrive in our state.

Download a PDF of the legislative agenda