North Carolina can strengthen its economy and improve opportunities for families by making public education a priority and investing in children.

Pre-Kindergarten: NC Pre-K currently only serves about half of the estimated 67,000 at-risk 4-year olds across the state. Research consistently confirms that quality early childhood education programs dramatically improve the performance of all students, eliminate achievement gaps, and ensure that students who have disabilities or live in poverty begin school ready for kindergarten.

North Carolina has been a leader in the development of early childhood education programs and  has a national reputation for the quality of its programs. Pre-k must be adequately funded in order to serve all eligible children.

School Funding: North Carolina legislators’ continued pursuit of costly tax cuts in recent years has greatly reduced revenue for public investments, resulting in public schools lacking adequate resources to ensure that all students receive a quality education regardless of where they live in the state. Amid an improving economy and more students attending public schools, state support for public education remains below pre-recession peak spending