Your landlord cannot evict you from your house, apartment, or mobile home lot for failure to pay rent if you can answer “yes” to one of the questions in each column below:

What do I need to do to stop my landlord from evicting me?

  • Each adult tenant (18 years or older) that lives with you must Sign this declaration if you meet its requirements.
    • The declaration is a sworn statement, and there are criminal penalties for signing the declaration if it is not true!​
  • Give the signed declaration to the landlord
  • Keep copies of the signed declaration.
  • Follow the rental agreement.

If you have a court hearing:

  • Go to court and bring your signed declaration to show the magistrate or judge that the eviction should be stopped.

If you already had a court eviction hearing and the judge ordered you to be evicted:

  • You have a right to appeal. You have 10 days after the hearing to appeal.
  • If the 10 days to appeal have passed, you may still be able to stop the eviction.