RALEIGH (August 8, 2017) — Today, administrators within North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released a white paper that outlines the proposed program design for Medicaid managed care. The paper serves as a blueprint, covering topics ranging from DHHS’ role during Medicaid transformation to integrating physical and behavioral health to increasing access to Medicaid.

We are pleased that DHHS held listening sessions earlier this year concerning Medicaid reform and that DHHS continues to seek and incorporate feedback from various stakeholder groups throughout the transformation process. We are excited to work collaboratively with beneficiaries, providers, prepaid health plans, administrators, and lawmakers on efforts to ensure that this transformation builds on and improves North Carolina’s Medicaid program.

As the state’s Medicaid program provides vital coverage to thousands of our most vulnerable residents – such as seniors, people with disabilities, and children – the Health Advocacy Project will continue to review and evaluate the proposed program design to ensure Medicaid beneficiaries’ needs are addressed throughout the program’s transformation.

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