SCOTUS ruling ensures coverage for more than 6 million Americans across 34 states

RALEIGH (June 25, 2015) — We are gratified by the Supreme Court’s ruling today in the King v. Burwell case as it means health insurance for more than 6 million Americans across 34 states is secure. In North Carolina more than 400,000 people receive much needed financial help to make health insurance more affordable and the decision today means consumers will maintain access to these tax credits.

State leaders should now present a plan to extend the benefit of affordable health insurance to the 500,000 individuals and families left in the Medicaid gap. University researchers estimate that closing this coverage gap would create 43,000 jobs in North Carolina, boost tax revenues for local governments, and stabilize rural health care.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Adam Linker, Co-Director of the NC Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition, or by phone at 919-861-2074 (office) or 252-375-6520 (cell).