RALEIGH (September 9, 2019) Over the past few weeks we’ve heard Senate and House Leadership speak openly about solutions for people in the coverage gap so I was shocked to learn that the House leadership held a vote to override the budget veto early this morning.

The lack of process, debate, and negotiation that played out today while well over a half million Tar Heels remain fallen in the Medicaid coverage gap awaiting rescue from their Representatives is disappointing and unacceptable. Even more so as the country learned from data released yesterday that the number of uninsured has grown over the past year.

For years, our team has traveled the state listening to the stories of people from Mountains to Sea who have cut pills in half or even in quarters and to mothers who have lost young adult children. Each story is more heartbreaking than the next.

The people of North Carolina send their representatives to Raleigh to work together across the aisle to build a stronger state. Our leadership should immediately recall the veto override vote and come to the negotiation table to craft a budget that works for all.