It is our moral responsibility to stand against bigotry, hatred, and evil, and fight against its ongoing ramifications in our institutions and policies

RALEIGH (August 14, 2017) — The North Carolina Justice Center adds its voice to the chorus condemning the white supremacy and racism on display this weekend in Charlottesville, as well as the continued everyday violence of institutional racism and outright bigotry in our society. The events of this past weekend made it clear – once again – that such ideas are all too prevalent in our country.

Our nation is experiencing a rising tide of racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia. The President’s tacit encouragement of outspoken white supremacists has only made them more empowered and dangerous. His initial statement on Saturday conflating the victim and perpetrator was exceptionally destructive.

Here in North Carolina, we have seen clear and explicit policies that would further systemic racism and oppression, such as racial gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the re-segregation of our schools – all policies that seek to divide rather than unite us. It is not only our moral responsibility to stand against the bigotry, hatred, and evil on display over the weekend, but also to fight against institutions and policies that give rise to the credibility of that ideology.

To remain silent in the face of hate – in any form, violent or otherwise – is to tolerate these destructive views.

We must also acknowledge a painful but very real truth. Not all individuals who hold these beliefs march in rallies or wear white hoods, nor will they ever acknowledge their own biases. We must stand against the institutional racism and outright bigotry in our society, and not just when they result in terrible violence, for the touchstone of violence is words. It requires an everyday commitment if we are to truly challenge racism and white supremacy. It is too easy to label the perpetrators as the “other,” when, in reality, “they” may well be the person next door.

Today is not a day to be silent, or to tolerate evil. The NC Justice Center strongly rejects hate and condemns white supremacy, and we reaffirm our commitment to advancing racial justice.

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