Damaging bill not only on wrong side of history but of the law

RALEIGH (May 31, 2016) — Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit weighed in on the transgender bathroom issue that has been such a cause of pain and unrest for our state these past several months.

Without any judge asking for en banc consideration of the panel opinion – which struck down the Virginia school board’s ruling denying transgender students the right to use bathrooms comporting with their gender identity – and only one judge dissenting from this denial, the Court has made clear House Bill 2 effectively violates federal law. Absent a United States Supreme Court decision to the contrary, the law is now decided.

HB2 is not only on the wrong side of history; it is also on the wrong side of the law. Continuing efforts to defend it and all of its discriminatory provisions should cease and the bill should be repealed before further harm is done to the state, our citizens, and reputation, all of whom have suffered damage enough.

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