We must continue our nation’s history of welcoming those in need to our shores

RALEIGH (September 19, 2017) — Last week came reports that the White House will set the U.S. refugee admissions goal for next year at under 50,000, the lowest in U.S. history. This is an appalling measure for a program that has served an average of 80,000 refugees each year since The Refugee Act was enacted in 1980 and reflects the very values of our nation.

This is an unconscionable treatment of some of the world’s most vulnerable groups, particularly during the worst refugee displacement crisis in recorded history. More than 65 million people have been forced from their homes due to violence and persecution in their native lands. Whether we allow these individuals and families a chance to reach safety and rebuild their lives is a moral test for our nation, and one that we cannot fail.

No fewer than 75,000 refugees would be an acceptable number to set as the admissions goal.

We reject the White House’s anti-immigrant agenda and call on our nation’s leaders – as well as communities across the nation – to demand that the U.S. continue its history of welcoming those in need to our shores.

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