RALEIGH (June 26, 2018) — Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to uphold President Trump’s order to ban entry by people from several Muslim-majority nations, allowing the government to alienate further our country from the rest of the world and turn away vulnerable children and families seeking safety.

In a narrow majority, our nation’s most powerful court stood on the wrong side of history. They endorsed an inhumane policy – one that has already caused great suffering – that will reflect on our government and nation for days and years to come. Their decision continues a disturbing narrative that began in the Trump administration’s earliest days in office and has continued as dehumanizing rhetoric and policies targeting immigrants, refugees, and children have plagued our nation.

Such a decision will only galvanize those who wish to disparage or attack our immigrant neighbors in the U.S. and people abroad, while putting our very communities in peril.

Our court – and our nation as a whole – has at times failed to live up to our nation’s principles, repeating our past mistakes. Today the Supreme Court had the chance to reflect on those mistakes and choose a different path – one that addresses past discrimination to uphold the dignity of all communities. Although they failed to do so, it should not deter those across this nation – and although it is hard to remember, that is a tremendous number – that continue to choose the path of respect, inclusion, and humanity.

Since day one of this administration, we have spoken out against harmful, bigoted policies. More than ever, we know we must fight for democratic institutions and policies that honor the best of our nation’s values and recognize that our country’s racial, ethnic, and religious diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

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