Leaked Supreme Court draft opinion unprecedented in its blindness to democratic principles. 

RALEIGH (May 3, 2022) – The unprecedented leaked draft opinion of the United States Supreme Court in the Mississippi abortion rights case is unparalleled in its ideological brazenness, faithlessness to the doctrine of stare decisis upon which our legal system is predicated, and its willful blindness to the democratic necessity that the courts of this nation provide stability and certainty in these perilous times of deep and divisive polarization of the nation. This opinion, were it to become law, would seriously diminish any confidence in the Court as an independent and non-political institution,  faith of anyone in the value of precedent, and would lay waste to the rights of women to any semblance of reproductive choice.

The damage to the nation, the Court, and the Constitution this draft opinion portends is so severe and potentially irreparable that we can only hope reconsideration at the Court occurs in the next several months.  No opinion is worth the destructive effects this opinion would usher forth.