Certain H2A visa workers might be owed unpaid wages

You might be owed money for unpaid wages from Boykin Farms, Inc., Rhodes Farming, LLC, Willie C. Boykin, III, Matthew Z. Rhodes, Tony C. Lee, d/b/a Lee and Sons Farms, Cameron Lee, d/b/a Lee and Sons Farms, and/or Clint Lee, d/b/a Lee and Sons Farms (defendants).

If you worked for any of the defendants as an H-2A worker at any time in three years immediately preceding the date of this notice, this may affect you.

What is this case about?

The workers who brought this case say that:

  • They paid recruitment fees, the cost of their H-2A visa and visa-related processing fees, travel within Mexico, lodging near the U.S. Consulate, travel to North Carolina, border crossing fee, and/or inbound food costs and they were not fully reimbursed for those costs after beginning work.
  • They were not paid properly for all hours worked, which means that they did not get paid the legally required minimum wage for every week they performed work.

    If you think this happened to you too, this is your notice to file a claim.

How do I file a claim?

Read this document for more information: NOTICE OF YOUR RIGHT To Claim Unpaid Wages   ||  AVISO DE SU DERECHO Para Reclamar Salarios No Pagados