ACTION ALERT: Support Paid Sick Days bill in committee this week

This swine flu outbreak is scary and there are now 23 confirmed cases of the virus in North Carolina.  Doctors and public health officials are warning us to stay at home if we're sick.  But what's even scarier is how many NC workers won't be able to follow the doctor's orders.

That's because nearly half of North Carolinians lack paid sick days. They prepare and serve our food, look after our children, and care for the sick and elderly. When they have to work sick, their germs become our germs -- and that's not healthy for anyone.

Paid sick days are especially crucial for working families in this time of economic uncertainty.  Most workers just simply can't afford to risk a day's pay or even a job to stay home and get better or care for a sick family member.

This week the Healthy Families and Healthy Workplaces Act (SB 534) will be heard in the Senate Commerce Committee.  Contact your Senator and tell them to support paid sick days as a basic workplace standard for all North Carolinians.

Go here to send a message to your lawmaker.