ACTION ALERT: Take Action today for NC SAVE$ ENERGY

Take Action today for NC SAVE$ ENERGY

We need your help in getting the NC SAVE$ ENERGY bill, (H1050), passed by the NC House of Representatives. Legislators need to hear from you about how important it is to have a comprehensive and independent energy efficiency program in North Carolina.

If passed by the NC General Assembly, NC SAVE$ ENERGY will be the fastest way to keep energy bills down, create thousands of green jobs, and reduce greenhouse gasses.(For more info on NC SAVE$, feel free to visit our website:

 Here's what you can do:
1.    Find your State Representative. You can do so on the NC House website: On the website, look at the right side of the page, scroll down slightly until you see the question that says “Who represents me?”. Enter your zip code there.

2.    Call or email your Representative: Just ask for him or her at the main switchboard number: (919) 733-7928. If the switchboard is closed, use the representative’s office number from the NC House website above. You can find your legislator's email address on the General Assembly's website (listed above).

Here is the message for your legislator:

•    Say that you are calling to ask Representative _____ to support House Bill 1050, which will create a new statewide, energy efficiency program called NC SAVE$ ENERGY

•    A number of other states have created effective programs for promoting energy efficiency. These programs have resulted in significant benefits (pick two or three reasons below):

Job creation
Savings for working families through home weatherization, and other energy upgrades
Avoidance of dramatic rate increases caused by new power plant construction
Lower energy consumption and bills
Reduced pollution and protection of public health

Thank them for taking the time to talk with you on such an important issue.

3.    Let us know your legislator's response. Please let us know if your legislator has agreed to support our program, or if he or she has any questions. You can let us know by replying to this email, or by filling out our online form at:

By acting now to create an effective statewide efficiency program, North Carolinians can avoid massive financial and environmental costs while creating needed jobs, affordable housing, and a more sustainable energy supply.
With your help, we can create a system that is truly just for every resident in North Carolina. Together, we are improving housing conditions, creating jobs and protecting our environment.

Thank you for taking the time to speak out for NC SAVE$ ENERGY. We look forward to hearing from you.