All-In Economy for NC

 We all want to see North Carolina create jobs and experience prosperity that is broadly shared by all of our state’s residents—from the mountains to the coast, from our small towns to our major urban centers. But the goal of prosperity that is broadly shared across the state seems farther away than ever . Despite experiencing modest economic growth in the years since the Great Recession, the benefits of that growth just don’t seem to be reaching many of our communities.

Increasingly, economic prosperity is concentrated in urban areas while small cities, rural communities and even some city neighborhoods are being left behind. At the same time, the jobs that are being created too often pay wages that are too low to support a family, even in fast-growing urban areas.

That’s why North Carolina needs a statewide approach to economic development that recognizes the reality that too many communities across the state face significant barriers to creating jobs, growing their local economy—and crucially—ensuring that the benefits of economic growth improve the lives of their residents.

But what should this economic development strategy look like? We want to give all of you the chance to build the plan for what an “All-In” economy looks like in North Carolina. Tell us your ideas below and we will share your suggestions and stories in our efforts to ensure that economic development in North Carolina promotes broadly shared prosperity.