BTC BRIEF: Federal Sequester Compounds Budget Challenges in North Carolina

By Alexandra Forter Sirota
Budget & Tax Center Director
September 2013

It is not just decisions by state lawmakers that affect North Carolina communities, families and small businesses; decisions by the federal government are causing pain in our state as well. In recent months, North Carolina has had to contend with a series of across-the-board spending cuts required because Congress was unable to pass legislation to generate enough revenue to address the federal deficit, and these are hurting our state.

The federal government provides North Carolina with financial support to help educate our children, protect the public health of our residents, support our troops and build the infrastructure for a strong business climate and safe communities. But across the board cuts by the federal government – often referred to as sequestration – are compounding the pain of state level budget decisions. Future across-the-board cuts to federal investments should be replaced with a more responsible mix of new revenue and targeted spending cuts so we can address the country’s debt while not hurting our economy and communities.

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