BTC INTERACTIVE: County Economic Snapshots 2016

By Tazra Mitchell
Policy Analyst, Budget & Tax Center
March 2016

The Economic Snapshot is an annual publication that lists key economic and social indicators at the county level in North Carolina, providing an overall picture of economic vitality and opportunity for North Carolinians. This data profile includes indicators on employment, poverty and income, affordable housing, health, education, and supports for working families—all of which come from a variety of sources.

The economic reality for North Carolinians varies greatly depending on where one lives and works. Data is available for all 100 counties in North Carolina. Click on the county of interest below to access the data.

Ways to Use the Snapshots

The snapshots are a way for everyday North Carolinians, advocates, service providers, and policymakers to track and evaluate important indicators of community well-being. In the past, our Economic Snapshots have been used in various ways among our partners and the public—including using the data to complete a grant to keep their organization funded, to write a blog post to lift up issues facing their communities, and to pen a letter to the editor of a local paper to lift up how policy can address gaps in economic opportunity.

Here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Use the data for strategic planning and organizational development
  • Bring the information to community conversations about planning for your county’s future
  • Start a conversation with colleagues, neighbors, and elected officials about what your community faces and how public policy can help address the challenges and create opportunities

We would love to know and share how you are using this resource to complement your work and support policies that will advance positive change. Please email about your efforts—including questions—and please include your city and county in the email.

Sources for graphic: US Census Bureau, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, 2014; NC Department of Commerce, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2015 and 2009 (adjusted for inflation); US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2010-2014; Special Data Request to the Department of Health and Human Services, July 2015; Cone Health Foundation. “The Economic and Employment Costs of Not Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina: A County-Level Analysis.” December 2014.

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