MEDIA RELEASE: Thousands of North Carolinians urge policymakers to "Stop the Great Tax Shift"

Nearly 8,000 individuals signed petition asking policymakers to not shift the tax load further to low- and middle-income families

RALEIGH (March 14, 2013) – Today, the Governor, NC House and Senate received a petition signed by nearly 8,000 North Carolinians urging policymakers to "Stop the Great Tax Shift in North Carolina" and adopt as a core goal of tax reform addressing the upside down nature of the state tax system.

The petition is particularly significant in light of the recent reduction to the state Earned Income Tax Credit signed into law yesterday by Governor McCrory, which aids 900,000 low-income working families, even as the N.C. House voted in favor of repealing the estate tax – which affects less than 123 estates valued at more than $5.25 million across the state.

"This is not tax reform but a great tax shift," the petition reads. "Any tax reform plan must not make worse the state's already upside-down tax system."

The North Carolina Senate has embraced an overhaul of the tax system that would shift the tax load to 60 percent of taxpayers – primarily middle- and low-income North Carolinian – while giving the top 1 percent a $41,000 tax cut. The proposal would eliminate or significantly cut the personal and corporate income taxes and raise and expand the sales tax.

"Tax reform should proceed from a foundation in the principles of sound taxation and ensure that low- and middle-income families are not asked to carry a greater load than the wealthy in the state," said Alexandra Forter Sirota, director of the Budget & Tax Center, a project of the North Carolina Justice Center.

Signers of the petition offered their heartfelt pleas to lawmakers, writing, "It's time that this legislature started working for the citizens of North Carolina and quit working for corporations."

"Our rural counties continue to suffer in poverty as we support expansion of incentives for the wealthy," another petitioner wrote.

Alexandra Forter Sirota, director of the Budget & Tax Center, said, “Today’s petition delivery is an important symbol of the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who would be negatively impacted by tax shifts disguised as reform.”

The petition can be found at this link.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Alexandra Forter Sirota,, 919.861.1468; Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications,, 503.551.3615 (cell).