Prosperity Watch Special Issue: 12 for 2012

12 for 2012 — Key economic and policy trends from 2012 that will define 2013

As we look to the challenges facing North Carolina in in the year ahead, it is important to review the key economic and fiscal trends of the past year—trends that will continue to define our state’s policy environment and opportunities for more widely shared prosperity in 2013. In this special edition of Prosperity Watch, we present 12 for 2012—12 charts and infographics produced by the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center over the last year that best capture these ongoing trends and emerging challenges.

In these charts, we see troubling indicators of the state’s economic and fiscal health:

  • an increasing jobs deficit, falling wages, and growing poverty

  • the long-term shift in the state’s tax burden to the shoulders of the least wealthy

  • the consequences of deep spending cuts to public services enacted in recent state budgets

Taken together, these trends point to the difficult road ahead for North Carolina’s families, workers, and policy makers as they seek a more robust economic recovery and path to broader prosperity in the year ahead.


12 For 2012

1. NC Jobs Deficit Continues to Grow

2. Productivity Gains Outpace Wages

3. Offshoring

4. Minority of Employment Concentrated In Growing Industries

5. Disproportionate Poverty

6. Poverty Persists Despite End of Recession

7. Concentrated Poverty

8. Final Budget Reductions Over Great Recession

9. Incidence of Tax Shift

10. Women's Economic Security

11. Medicaid Expansion

12. Revenue Sources

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