Carol Brooke, Staff Attorney, Workers Rights Project

Carol Brooke
Staff Attorney, Workers Rights Project  | (919) 856-2144

Carol Brooke joined the Justice Center in September 2000 as a staff attorney with the Immigrants Legal Assistance Project. During her tenure with the organization, Carol has quickly developed into one of the state’s leading advocates on behalf of migrant workers – particularly farmworkers. She has handled numerous important cases on behalf of groups and individuals and has successfully represented migrants victimized by unlawful employment practices, unsafe housing, sexual harassment and numerous other abuses and indignities. When not litigating cases, Brooke has conducted countless training sessions and provided untold hours of support to advocacy organizations working with farmworkers.

Before attending and graduating from law school at UNC-Chapel Hill, Carol worked as a public health educator with a non-profit organization that provided education and advocacy for low-income poultry processing workers in North Carolina.

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