NC HEALTH REPORT: Submit TV Forum Questions

August 24, 2009
Editors:  Adam Searing and Adam Linker
SUBMIT QUESTIONS ON HEALTH CARE TO UNC-TV TOMORROW: Tomorrow night at 9 PM UNC-TV is hosting a telephone town hall forum on health care.  We encourage everyone to participate. You can submit questions in advance (healthcare@unctv.orgor call in on the day of the show. Taking questions will be Senator Richard Burr along with Reps. David Price, Bob Etheridge, Brad Miller and Mel Watt. Here's how you can submit questions in advance:
1. Senator Burr, the Senate Health Committee you are a member of passed the Senate's main health care reform bill. You have said during this debate that "common ground is a rare thing" and that there is little chance your ideas will become law. Yet you were able to get several important amendments to the bill passed in committee, including ones dealing with school-based health centers and a child's age limit for enrollment in a parent's plan. How can you get important changes to legislation made but at the same time insist none of your ideas are being listened to?
2. Since NC Blue Cross has 96.8% of the individual health insurance market in NC (and well over 70% of the overall health insurance market), why is having another option for people - the public health care plan option - a bad thing? Isn't that just more competition, which we clearly need?
3. What will happen if we don't pass health reform? Will premiums continue to rise uncontrollably and more people lose health coverage in our state? After all, according to the NC Institute of Medicine, we currently lead the nation in the percentage of people losing their job-based health insurance.
DOWNTOWN RALEIGH - RALLY FOR HEALTH REFORM THIS SATURDAY AT 10AM: Our local rally will take place by the State Capitol building from 10AM to 11.30AM. Expect to hear from multiple speakers including the Rev. William Barber, President of the NC NAACP. Click here for more info.
ASHEVILLE, CHARLOTTE, GREENVILLE - OTHER HEALTH REFORM RALLIES AND EVENTS THIS SATURDAY TOO:  People are coming together across the state to support health reform.  Click here for more info about what's happening in your area.
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