NC HEALTH REPORT: White Coats for Health Reform

October 7, 2009
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker



VIDEO:  Former Cigna executive turned health advocate Wendell Potter responds to a question about North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield.

VIDEO:  White Coats for Health Reform - Docs and other health professionals at UNC Hospitals come together to promote the need for health reform.

VIDEO:  The Center for Community Change has a nice video of voices from rural America and the need for health reform.


You pay into Medicare - shouldn't Paris Hilton have to do the same?

How much would North Carolina have to come up with for the Medicaid expansions in health reform.  And how much would we save with 400,000 fewer people without health insurance.

Recent rankings of NC CEO salaries exclude nonprofit organizations like NC Blue Cross.  NC Blue's CEO is doing pretty well compared to for-profit executives running larger organizations.

A wide spectrum of NC lawmakers signs a letter demanding health reform nationally.

North Carolina stands alone in its punitive state health plan provisions on smoking and weight.

NC Governor Perdue does not sign letter asking for health reform nationally - she is one of only six Democratic governors in the country not to do so.

See how much your health premiums would be (careful - this amount for you out of pocket would be much different if your employer is helping pay for coverage) under various reform bills.

45,000 adults die every year in America because of lack of access to health insurance.

Novant finally gets its Triangle hospital.

Robert Wood Johnson report on the cost of failing to act on health reform.  It's a heavy price.

COME TO THE NC JUSTICE CENTER'S DEFENDERS OF JUSTICE EVENT TOMORROW NIGHT:  It's in Durham and features a speech by Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause, and a slew of awards.

SUMMARY OF WENDELL POTTER'S TALK:  Want a quick overview?  Chris Fitzsimon gets right to the heart of the matter in this short column.

UNC HOSPITALS CHIEF ON HEALTH REFORM:  Want a clear, cogent argument about reform from a doctor and administrator of one of the biggest state hospital systems in the country?  Dr. Bill Roper provides it in the latest issue of the NC Medical Journal.

WEAKER MEDIA, WEAKER HEALTH NEWS REPORTING:  Also check out Ferrel Guillory's thoughtful and thought-provoking piece on health care news reporting in North Carolina in that same issue of the NC Medical Journal.  Guillory is the director of the UNC Program on Public Life and a former journalist.  He presents an insightful analysis of the decline in both quality and quantity of health news reporting in NC and nationally.

SOURCE:  Actually, the entire NC Medical Journal has some good stuff in it this month on health care and health policy - check the whole thing out.

80,000 OLDER NORTH CAROLINIANS COULD GET EXTRA HELP FOR HEALTH COVERAGE:  The NC Department of Insurance today kicked off a program to help inform older adults on Medicare that they may qualify for extra help with health premiums and deductibles, but just haven't signed up.

CUT HEALTH BENEFITS FOR TOWN EMPLOYEES:  Chapel Hill Town Council member and high-tech executive Matt Czajkowski (who is running for Chapel Hill mayor in the nonpartisan race) recently said at a candidate forum that he wanted to save money to cut taxes by "reducing health care benefits for town employees."


Student Day of Action for Health Care Reform - Thursday October 15th

On Thursday October 15th, college students on campuses all across the state will be organizing for health care reform. Students will collect petitions calling for a robust public option to ensure that health care is affordable to young workers entering the job market. If you would like to participate on your campus, please contact HAC Outreach Coordinator, Hope Marasco, at or (919) 863-2405.

Statewide Day of Action for Health Care Reform - Saturday October 17th

The weather might be cooling down, but health care reform is heating up in the Senate.  We expect reform legislation to be on the floor of the Senate soon, and we need your help to educate your fellow North Carolinians on Saturday, October 17th. Volunteers will be going door-to-door, making phone calls, canvassing at the farmer's market, etc. educating people and asking them to sign letters and petitions to our Senators and Representatives. The following locations-Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, and Wilmington-- already have an event in the works, and we want to add to this list. If you would like to join an effort that's already underway or organize your own event with your organization, congregation, club, etc. please contact Hope Marasco at or (919) 863-2405.

Thursday, October 29, 6-8pm:  Durham, Hayti Heritage Center, 804 Old Fayetteville Rd.  -- Black Wall Street Night; Healthcare Reform...Why should small business be a part of the discussion?  Host:  The Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce.  Contact:  Ashley Ascott at

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