DACA Materials for Partners

Background & Reference Materials (Working with the NC Justice Center on DACA):


Materials for Use in your Educational Events & Outreach ("Stage 1"):

                   (updated bilingual video coming soon

     (You will receive an email with an organization-specific customized link for tracking participants, to allow greater confidentiality.)


Materials for Use in your Legal Clinic Events ("Stage 2"):

  • DACA Application Review Form (coming soon)
  • Physical Presence Worksheet (coming soon)
  • DACA Checklist Review Form (coming soon)
  • DACA Evidence Index (coming soon)
  • What to Expect Next/Checkout Instructions (bilingual, coming soon)
  • Guide for Legal Volunteers (coming soon)
  • Confidentiality Agreement for Volunteers (coming soon)
Questions? dani@ncjustice.org or 919-856-2178 (also rings cell phone).