YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE: Common Sense Responses to Immigration

Deporting every undocumented person in the United States would be economically devastating, impractical, and morally dubious. With comprehensive immigration reform stalled at the national level, North Carolina needs to step up with common sense public policies that strengthen our communities rather than divide them. In spite of many impediments to full economic integration, immigrants strengthen North Carolina in many ways, including:

  • Operating roughly 20% of the state’s Main Street Businesses
  • Accounting for 80% of the net new Main Street Businesses opened between 2000 and 2013
  • Helping communities that have significant immigrant populations to deliver better wages, lower unemployment, and lower levels of poverty than communities with few immigrants.
  • Bringing jobs and businesses to struggling neighborhoods, thereby acting as the leading edge of economic revitalization in many communities
  • Lessening or reversing population declines in many rural communities
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