LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: A Smart Investment in Today's Economy and Tomorrow's Workforce

July 14, 2009


  • FROM 2007 TO 2009 THE NUMBER OF UNINSURED in North Carolina increased by 22.5 percent, the largest percentage increase in the nation, according to the NC Institute of Medicine.
  • EXPANDING ENROLLMENT IN NC HEALTH CHOICE helps to keep children healthy and enables families
    to avoid enormous medical bills.
  • THE AVERAGE FEDERAL “MATCH” FOR STATE MONEY in NC Health Choice is nearly three to one. That means for every dollar North Carolina puts into Health Choice, the state receives nearly three dollars in federal money, which goes to care providers in every city and town in the state and helps them stay in business and keep their staffs employed.
  • FOR COUNTIES HIT ESPECIALLY HARD BY UNEMPLOYMENT, NC Health Choice is a lifeline. In places
    where parents find it nearly impossible to find good-paying jobs with health benefits, NC Health Choice keeps some healthcare providers in business, which means care continues to be accessible to everyone. It also creates and protects good-paying jobs in the health field.
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