MEDIA RELEASE: Analyst: Local Jobs for America Act would jumpstart job creation in North Carolina

The bill before Congress now would create or save tens of thousands of jobs in education, public safety and law enforcement, meeting essential community needs while stimulating the economy
RALEIGH (April 29, 2010) - A new paper released today says that a bill before Congress would create or save more than 25,000 jobs in North Carolina within one year of its passage.

The Local Jobs for America Act, writes Alexandra Sirota of the NC Justice Center's Budget & Tax Center, would "jumpstart North Carolina's recovery from the current economic crisis and put North Carolinians back to work immediately."

Introduced by Rep. George Miller (D-CA), the bill would deliver critical funding to states, local government and community organizations for the purpose of creating new jobs and saving jobs on the chopping block due to trying financial times.

"Not enough jobs are being created to supply North Carolina's unemployed with work," said Sirota. "The Local Jobs for America Act would benefit North Carolina communities by directly creating jobs and helping to spur further economic activity."

In the first year alone, evidence indicates, more than 25,000 jobs would be created or saved in North Carolina - including nearly 7,500 in classrooms across the state.

The communities hardest hit by the recession would benefit most. The bill's funding formula, which takes into account both poverty and unemployment rates in a community, ensures that the areas suffering most from the recession would get the biggest boost.

Sirota's report offers a community-by-community breakdown of where in North Carolina the funds would go. Charlotte would receive the most funds, taking in more than $80 million to create 1,459 jobs. Communities from Cumberland County (337 jobs) to Fayetteville (377) to Greensboro (600) would also see job creation.

"Given that North Carolina's unemployment and poverty rates are higher than the nation's," Sirota writes, "it is estimated that the state would receive almost 3 percent of the total $37.5 billion in funds to be distributed the first year."

The bill would authorize $100 billion total over three years.

The report is available online at 

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