Statement: Together NC applauds Gov. Perdue's call for revenue

Coalition of 130-plus groups applauds Governor

RALEIGH (January 17, 2012) – Today Gov. Beverly Perdue rightly called for more revenue to pay for the vital public investments that are the engine of our state’s economic vitality.

Investing in our state’s people and its places—our teachers, firefighters, health care workers, community colleges—is one of the most effective strategies to put North Carolina on the path towards recovery.

Yet the 2011 job-killing state budget passed by the legislature last year failed to maintain these key investments in schools, health systems, and public safety largely because lawmakers refused to consider revenue-raising options like the temporary tax package.

Since the budget was passed, classroom sizes have grown, early childhood slots have shrunk, student tuition has shot up, and access to health care has decreased.

Sadly, our state is on a backwards path.

It’s not inevitable that we continue reversing decades of progress. Policymakers can chart a path forward by ensuring North Carolina has adequate revenue to pay for the things that have made this state great. Today, Governor Perdue charted a forward-looking path for North Carolina and Together NC applauds her for her leadership.


Together NC is a collection of more than 130 non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional associations who have come together to promote wise choices for shared prosperity for all North Carolinians. For more information,

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