MEDIA RELEASE: Together NC releases five ideas for revenue modernization for North Carolina

RALEIGH (November 8, 2012) – Now that election season is finally over, it's time for North Carolina's elected officials to get to work addressing the most pressing issue facing our communities and state: how to rebuild a stronger economy after years of job losses and budget cuts.

In a new memo, the Together NC coalition offers five ideas on revenue modernization for North Carolina's newly elected officials, whose decisions around reforming our tax system will be central to efforts in the upcoming legislative session.

Together NC urges legislators to incorporate ideas that will aid in supporting the state's recovery and help build a stronger economy for all North Carolinians, including:

  • Maintaining a diverse source of revenue, which in turn will provide stability and potential for growth with the economy
  • Working towards an equitable tax system that stops asking more from those with the least amount of income
  • Investing in education, health care, and public safety to help meet the needs in communities now and in the future
  • Requiring that proposals on how to spend state resources and tax changes document how various income groups would be impacted
  • Ensuring an inclusive and transparent process in addressing North Carolina’s tax system

For the full memo, visit

"As a coalition, we welcome the opportunity to work with the new North Carolina General Assembly as they embark on a critical legislative session that will define the future of our state," the memo reads.

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