In the News: March 2009

MARCH 2009

"State food stamp program getting a boost from federal stimulus plan," Winston-Salem Journal, March 31,
(Louisa Warren interviewed. Also ran in McDowell News:

"Food stamps/stimulus package segment," North Carolina News Network, March 31, no link available.
(Louisa Warren interviewed.)

"Food stamps/stimulus package segment," WCHL evening news with Jeff Hamlin, March 31, no link available.
(Jeff Shaw interviewed.)

"Hospitals vary in treatment choices," News & Observer, March 31,
(Adam Linker interviewed about his
Different City, Different Treatment report)

"Short Stack: Exploitation is state business," Greenboro News-Record, March 30,
(Rob Schofield quoted about lottery)

"Lessons from the State Health Plan mess," Leland Tribune, March 30,
(Rob Schofield op-ed)

"Paid sick time a benefit for all," Fayetteville Observer, March 29,
(Louisa Warren op-ed)

"NC jobless rate surges," Charlotte Observer, March 28,

"Joblessness reaches to record 10.7 percent," Raleigh News & Observer, March 28,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Reaching highs that hit home," Winston-Salem Journal, March 28,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Sick leave advocates expect fight," Fayetteville Observer, March 26,
(Louisa Warren, Ajamu Dillahunt cited)

"Lottery segment," WPTF radio with Scott Fitzgerald, March 26.
(Jack Holtzman interviewed)

"Positive signs for public health," Carrboro Citizen, March 26,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Gov. Perdue's budget balancing: so far, not so bad," Independent Weekly, March 25,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Bad Alternative," Raleigh News & Observer, March 25,
(Editorial, cites Beth Jacobs on long-term suspension issues)

"Forum Focus: Safe, Fair Schools," Fayetteville Observer, March 25,
(Beth Jacobs interviewed)

"Suspension crisis," News 14, March 24, no link available
(Beth Jacobs interviewed)

"Foreclosure segment," WPTF with Scott Fitzgerald, March 23,
(Al Ripley interviewed)

"Real Money Numbers," News & Observer, March 23,
(Elaine Mejia letter to the editor)

"School discipline should be fair and make schools safer," News & Observer, March 21,
(Beth Jacobs op-ed)

"Those PPO profits," News & Observer, March 21,
(Adam Linker letter on Health Care)

"Elain Mejia budget interview," Political Connections, News 14, March 21,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"State Health Plan funds running out," News 14, March 20,
(Adam Searing quoted)

"The governor's budget," WUNC, March 18,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Perdue's budget cuts programs, jobs -- not spending," WRAL, March 17,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"State sick leave legislation gathering momentum," Durham Herald-Sun, Mar 20, 2009.
(Louisa Warren quoted)

"Joblessness continues its climb," Rocky Mount Telegram, March 20,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Report: nearly one in ten jobless," Daily Reflector, March 20,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Triad jobless rate at 10.4 percent," Winston-Salem Journal, March 20,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Health and human services escape drastic cuts," Asheville Citizen-Times, March 19,
(Adam Searing and Louisa Warren quoted)

"Budget segment," WPTF radio with Scott Fitzgerald, March 19,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"NC Coalition holds meeting on Paid Sick Days," Associated Press, March 19,
(Durham town hall on Paid Sick Days story)

"Perdue's budget trims $1.3 billion," Charlotte Observer, March 18,
(Elaine Mejia quoted in story from News & Observer)

"No clear numbers for Dell," Winston-Salem Journal, March 17,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Suspension segment," WIDU (AM 1600), March 17, 12 minutes, no link available.
(Beth Jacobs interviewed about school suspensions)

"Budget segment," State Government Radio, March 17, no link available
(Chris Fitzsimon interviewed)

287g story, Orlando Sentinel spanish edition, March 16,,0,6925740.story
(Dani Martinez-Moore quoted)

"Budget segment," NBC 17’s 7:00 news, March 16, no link available
(Chris Fitzsimon interviewed)

"Numbers foretell Perdue's budget,” Fayetteville Observer, March 16,
(Angella Dunston quoted. AP story, also published elsewhere)

"NC spending is going online," Charlotte Observer, March 15,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted, NC policy watch cited)

"A key step to avert foreclosures," News & Observer, March 14,
(Rob Schofield op-ed)

"Legislators seek bills to combat illegal immigration," The Times News, March 14,
(Attracta Kelly quoted. Freedom Newspapers story, also published here:

Chris Fitzsimon on Political Connections, News 14, March 13,

"N.C. jobless rate hits quarter-century high," Greensboro News-Record, March 12,
(John Quinterno quoted)

“Jobless rate hits 25 year high in state,” Daily Reflector, March 12,
(John Quinterno quoted)

“NC Jobless rate is 6th highest in the country,” Fayetteville Observer, March 12,
(John Quinterno quoted)

“Health Plan Director Defends Doctoral Degree,” State Government Radio, March 11, no link available.
(Adam Linker interviewed)

“Paid sick days segment,” March 11, Rhonda Bellamy show on WAAV AM, no link available.
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

“Paid sick days segment,” March 11, 88.5 WFDD FM Winston-Salem, no link available.
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

“State’s jobless numbers out today,” Fayetteville Observer, March 11,

“Sales tax for transit? Not so fast, says budget center’s Jackson,” Triangulator (Independent Weekly blog), March 6,
(Steve Jackson quoted, BTC research cited)

“Legislator criticizes BCBS profits, bonuses,” WRAL, March 6, 2009
(Health Access Coalition cited)

"Groups seek audit of NC health plan," Charlotte Observer, March 5,
(Adam Searing quoted; AP story, placed multiple places)

"SEANC, Justice Center call for audit of Blue Cross," "Triangle Business Journal, March 5,
(Adam Searing quoted)

"Employees group seeks audit of health plan," News & Observer, March 5,
(Adam Searing quoted)

"SEANC, Justice Center call for audit," Under the Dome (N&O blog), March 5,
(Adam Searing quoted)

"Getting Paid to Get Better," WNCT-Greenville, March 5,
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

Paid Sick Days segment, WUNC, March 5,
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

"Group pushes for Paid Sick Days," News & Observer, March 5,
(Louisa Warren interviewed; story also ran in Charlotte Observer, March 5,

"Group formed to advocate for paid sick days," Asheville Citizen-Times, March 5,

"Supporters rally for paid sick days," WRAL, March 4,
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

"New campaign for paid sick days," NBC-17, March 4,
(Justice Center cited)

Paid Sick Days, Que Pasa, March 5, no link available
(Louisa Warren and Hope Marasco interviewed)

"Coalition calls for restructure of state revenue system," NCNN, March 5, 2009,
(Together NC story, Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Blue Cross Profits, Executive Pay Spark Criticism," WRAL, March 4,
(Adam Searing interviewed)

"More Budget Cuts for NC?" ABC 11, March 4,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Paid Sick Days," Independent Weekly, March 4,
(Justice Center cited)

"Bill would require paid sick days," Under the Dome (N&O blog), March 4,
(Justice Center cited)

"What are your health options after a job loss?" Charlotte Observer, March 1,
(John Quinterno interviewed)