In the News: April 2009

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APRIL 2009

"Health Reform Advocacy: Change Brings Opportunity," NC Medical Journal, March-April 2009,
(Adam Searing article)

"Expanding the sales tax base ought to be a no-brainer," Durham Herald-Sun, April 30,
(Rob Schofield op-ed)

"The storm before the storm," Carrboro Citizen, April 30,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"With fewer reporters covering local news, upstarts try to fill the gaps," Independent Weekly, April 29,
(Chris Fitzsimon and Adam Linker cited, Policy Watch and Justice Center referenced, Jeff Shaw quoted)

"Lending limits," News & Observer, April 28,
(Al Ripley and Carlene McNulty cited)

"NC House budget committee receives statewide input," Virginian-Pilot, April 28,
(Melinda Lawrence quoted, AP story)

"All the right moves? Kay Hagan pushes for power in the U.S. Senate," Winston-Salem Journal, April 26, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)

"UNC briefs," Durham Herald-Sun, April 25,
(Lindsay Haddix' research for Justice Center cited)

"Our lending law is worth saving," News & Observer, April 24, 2009,
(Al Ripley and Carlene McNulty op-ed)

"Cumberland's unemployment numbers improve slightly," Fayetteville Observer, April 24, 2009,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"The Mad Hatter might have liked these 'tea parties,'" Durham Herald-Sun, April 23,
(Rob Schofield column)

"Save our students or the booster clubs?" Carrboro Citizen, April 23,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"UNC health care makes changes to charity care," NBC 17, April 22,
(Adam Searing quoted)

"AP Newsbreak: NC plan would reduce tax rates," Associated Press, April 21,
(Elaine Mejia quoted. AP story also ran in Sun News and Daily Advance, among other sources:,

"Debate over sick days comes to Wilmington," WECT TV, April 21,
(Ajamu Dillahunt interviewed)

"Center believes all workers deserve paid sick days," Wilmington Star-News, April 21,
(Ajam Dillahunt quoted, Justice Center cited)

"Coalition urges Wilmington residents to support paid sick leave effort," Wilmington Star-News, April 20,
(Jeff Shaw quoted, Louisa Warren cited)

"Taxes on the table," News & Observer, April 19,
(BTC tax plan cited)

"Senate tax plan would broaden base, lower rates," Asheville Citizen-Times, April 19,
(Justice Center/BTC tax plan cited)

"State's rise in jobless numbers slowing," Fayetteville Observer, April 17,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"NC loses 41,000 jobs, but unemployment rate barely moves," Triangle Business Journal, April 17,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Bald Head in line for $5m from state," Wilmington Star-News, April 17, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)

"Jobless benefits account for 1.1 percent of wage base in Watauga," Mountain Times, April 16, 2009,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Liberals focus on siphoning share of stimulus cash," Durham Herald-Sun, April 16, 2009,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Lawmakers look at merging pre-K programs," WRAL, April 15, 2009,
(Steve Jackson interviewed)

"House Finance Committee, in 19-6 vote, climbs aboard the transit wagon," News & Observer, April 15, 2009,
(Justice Center cited)

"Tax Day segment," WPTF morning news with Scott Fitzgerald, April 15, 2009,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"State budget process can't be trusted," Greensboro News-Record, April 15, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)

"Abusan de empleados temporales en EE. UU," Prensa Libre (Guatemala), April 10, 2009,
(Carol Brooke cited)

"Hagan made right choice on estate tax," News-Record, April 9,
(Elaine Mejia letter to the editor)

"Blue Cross says it won't pay for mistakes," News & Observer, April 8,
(Adam Searing quoted: story also ran in Charlotte Observer,

"Study: Unemployment checks boost Mecklenburg," Charlotte Business Journal, April 8,
(Justice Center cited, John Quinterno quoted)

"North Carolina Justice Center: Unemployment payments boost economy," Triangle Business Journal, April 8,
(Justice Center cited, John Quinterno quoted)

"Report: Unemployment insurance slows recession," Triad Business Journal, April 8,
(Justice Center cited)

"Real estate slowdown impacts county budget," News-Times, April 8,
(Justice Center research cited)

"Myrick ignores how 287(g) poses danger to public safety," Charlotte Observer, April 7, no link available.
(Dani Martinez-Moore LTE)

"Senate: Two more kids per class," News & Observer, April 7, 2009,
(Elaine Mejia quoted; story also ran in Charlotte Observer as "State education cuts proposed,"

"Remember the budget?" Leland Tribune, April 6, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Advocates to push for paid sick days in Asheville," Asheville Citizen-Times, April 6,
(Justice Center cited)

"Food stamps segment," WPTF News with Dave Haley, April 3, no link available.
(Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Real reform of the State Health Plan," Carrboro Citizen, April 2,
(Adam Searing & Adam Linker op-ed)

"Henderson County jobless rate nears 10 percent," Times-News, April 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Lines keep growing at the unemployment office," Winston-Salem Journal, April 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Unemployment segment," WCHL 1680 Radio (Chapel Hill), April 2, no link available.
(John Quinterno interviewed)

"Jobless rate at double digits here," Asheboro Courier Tribune, April 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Hardships hitting some of NC's safer regions," Richmond County Daily Journal, April 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Orange, Chatham jobless rates rise," Durham Herald-Sun, April 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Feds hope food stamp raise will boost economy," News 14, April 1,
(Justice Center cited)

"County unemployment rate climbs to 13.4 percent," The Dispatch, April 1,
(John Quinterno cited)

"Regional briefs: Food stamp plan to get $145 million," Winston-Salem Journal, April 1,
(Justice Center cited)


Also see clips from March 2009, February 2009 and January 2009.