TABOR is a Proven Failure. Keep It Out of NC.

North Carolina’s budget debate in 2016 has been severely limited by the harmful idea that decisions should be guided by a flawed formula, not the needs in communities or pragmatic approaches to investing for the greater good. Constitutional amendments are being considered this year that would lock in this flawed approach for generations.

Such changes to our state Constitution would hurt, not help, the economy by hamstringing the ability of the state to invest in the building blocks of economic growth and prosperity. These amendments would harm the economy every day, making it harder and harder to pay for things like schools and higher education. By failing to make the investments needed to position the state to compete and innovate, the flawed spending limit and income tax cap will restrict our ability to grow new industries, capitalize on efficiencies in technology or the delivery of services, and build the human capital necessary to grow.  And limiting access to the rainy day fund in times of emergency leaves North Carolina without a fallback when the next recession hits. Learn more with our latest SB607 factsheet. Learn more about SN817 here. 

Follow the budget debate and our coverage of the state's needs that go unmet when policymakers cut taxes for the wealthy and profitable corporations and follow flawed formulas rather than common sense.

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