In the News: June 2009

Here are archived links to selected news clips featuring reporting on the Justice Center and NC Policy Watch. This is a selected list, not an exhaustive list. But if you see anything big that we missed, please email us.

Below are clips from June 2009. Also see clips from May 2009, April 2009, March 2009, February 2009 and January 2009.


JUNE 2009

"Summer of Our Cynical Discontent," Durham Herald-Sun, June 30,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Budget segment," WPTF radio, June 30, no link available.
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Thumbs up to Etheridge's Clean Energy Act vote," Sanford Herald, June 30,
(Stephen Jackson letter to the editor)

"Summer of Our Cynical Discontent," The Pilot, June 27,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Budget segment, " Political Connections on News 14, June 27,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Lawmakers plans to expand taxes worry residents," Rocky Mount Telegram, June 27,
(Elaine Mejia quoted)

"Jobless rates up after two-month dip," Durham Herald-Sun, June 27,
(Justice Center cited)

"Education budget segment," News 14 Carolina, June 26, no link available.
(Steve Jackson interviewed) 

"Local unemployment rates climb higher in May," Greenville Daily Record, June 26,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Jobless ranks grow in Cumberland, Harnett counties," Fayetteville Observer, June 26,
(Elaine Mejia quoted)

"Local jobless rate climbs after brief reprieve," Greensboro News-Record, June 26,
(Elaine Mejia quoted)


"Summer of Our Cynical Discontent," Carrboro Citizen, June 25,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Together NC looks at local budget cuts," Watauga Democrat, June 23,
(Together NC and Justice Center cited, Jeff Shaw quoted)

"Drug vote could favor debt-pressed seniors," Hickory Daily Record, June 22,
(Adam Searing interviewed)

"Experts say food stamp use stimulates economy," Hickory Daily Record, June 22,

(Justice Center cited, John Quinterno interviewed)

"Our view: joblessness continues stranglehold," High Point Enterprise, June 22,
(Editorial, Justice Center cited)

"Previous changes muddle response to recession," High Point Enterprise, June 21,
(Justice Center cited, John Quinterno interviewed)

"Out of Work: Impact is heavy on jobless, those trying to help," High Point Enterprise, June 21,
(Justice Center cited, John Quinterno interviewed)

"Lawmakers plan in case of missed budget deadline," Political Connections on News 14,
(Chris Fitzsimon interviewed)

"Jobless rate sets record," Fayetteville Observer, June 19,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Democratic women to meet," Durham Herald-Sun, June 19,
(Chris Fitzsimon speaking engagement advertised)

"Hundreds join 'State of Emergency' rally against budget cuts," Fight Back Newspaper, June 2009,
(Together NC story, Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Downturn runs too deep for 'cuts only'," News & Observer, June 17,
(John Quinterno op-ed)

"Corporate income tax proposal," Yes! Weekly, June 17,
(Justice Center cited)

"NC foreclosure prevention project prevents more than 1,000 foreclosures," Asheville Citizen-Times, June 16,
(Justice Center cited)

"Who wins, who loses with NC House budget?" Shelby Star, June 15,
(Elaine Mejia quoted)

"NC groups rally for more taxes, preserve services," Associated Press, June 15,
(Together NC story, ran in Forbes among other publications)

"Organizations protest the state budget," WTVD , June 15,
(Together NC story, Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Together NC rally segment," NBC 17, June 15, no link available.
(Three live spots from Together NC rally)

"Together NC rally segment," WPTF, June 15, no link available.
(Together NC rally story)

"Budget woes not limited to NC," WRAL, June 15,
(Together NC story, Justice Center and BTC research cited)

"Teachers left behind," Sandspur, June 14,
(Steve Jackson quoted)

"NC House, Senate Dems readying for budget talks," Greenville Daily Reflector, June 13,
(Together NC story)

"Who won, who lost in NC House budget," Times-News, June 13,
(Elaine Mejia quoted)

"Budget segment," WPTF morning news with Scott Fitzgerald, June 12, no link available.
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Tax-dodging schemes targeted," News & Observer, June 11,
(BTC research cited, Elaine Mejia quoted. Story also ran in Charlotte Observer,

"Reasons not to resume executions," Durham News, June 10,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"House panel floats tax increase to plug gaps," Rocky Mount Telegram, June 10,
(Elaine Mejia quoted, BTC and Justice Center cited)

"Gloves come off in budget fight," Independent Weekly, June 10,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)

"Paid Sick Days segment," WPTF Morning News with Scott Fitzgerald, June 10,
(Louisa Warren interviewed)

"Clout keeps generics out," News & Observer, June 10,
(Adam Searing quoted, story also ran in Charlotte Observer,

"Anti-budget Together NC coalition rallies in Greenville," WNCT, June 9,
(Meg Gray Wiehe interviewed)

"Why pick on the kids?" Greenville Daily Reflector, June 9,
(Together NC story, Meg Gray quoted)

"Durham Briefs," Durham Herald-Sun, June 9,
(Together NC story, rally promoted)

"Budget for DHHS may be slashed," Asheville Citizen-Times, June 8,
(Adam Linker, Elaine Mejia and Jeff Shaw quoted)

"Poor measurement: time for a comprehensive new poverty measure," Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, June 8,
(John Quinterno op-ed)

"Health and Human Services Face Deep Cuts in the Budget," WFMY, June 8,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Budget segment," WRSV 92.1 FM, June 8, no link available.
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Social service providers fear budget's impact on poor," Asheville Citizen-Times, June 7,
(Elaine Mejia, Jeff Shaw quoted)

"Raising NC taxes may come from familiar sources," Associated Press, June 7,
(Together NC cited, ran in Myrtle Beach Sun-News among other outlets)

"Sharing the pain in budget hell," News & Observer, June 7,
(BTC research cited)

"It's a 2006-era budget for 2009 needs," News & Observer, June 6,
(Elaine Mejia quoted, also ran in Charlotte Observer

"Citizens speak out against budget cuts," Triangle Tribune, June 5,
(Together NC story, Meg Gray quoted)

"Nonprofit groups press lawmakers to raise taxes," Rocky Mount Telegram, June 5,
(Elaine Mejia quoted, Together NC cited)

"Unemployment insurance segment," News 14 Carolina, June 5, No link available.
(John Quinterno interviewed)

"This week at the General Assembly," Burlington Times-News, June 5,
(Together NC story)

"Lesson plan: increasing class size is a regressive revenue policy," Fayetteville Observer, June 5,
(Justice Center research cited) 

"National unemployment rate continues to rise,", June 5,|Sports|Lifestyles/story/36050/national-unemployment-rate-continues-to-rise
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Legislators are out of easy options," Times-News editorial, June 4,
(Together NC cited)

"A few budget reminders," Carrboro Citizen, June 4,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Residents plead with state to spare programs," Durham Herald-Sun, June 4,

"Speakers call for tax increases to avoid cuts in state services," Winston-Salem Journal, June 4,
(Together NC story)

"Budget segment," WPTF morning news with Scott Fitzgerald, June 4,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Indy Pick: Paid Sick Days event," Independent Weekly, June 3,
(Jeff Shaw, Justice Center cited)

"Clearing the mental hurdle of raising taxes to balance the budget," Independent Weekly, June 3,
(BTC, Together NC cited)

"Duke asks for 12.6 percent rate increase," Winston-Salem Journal, June 3,
(Al Ripley quoteD)

"Duke wants rate increase," Enquirer Journal, June 3,
(Al Ripley quoted)

"Budget Battle: To Tax or Not to Tax?" NBC 17, June 3,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed, Together NC story)

"Coalition holds forum on taxes, state budget," Rocky Mount Telegram, June 3,
(Together NC story)

"Budget segment," WUNC, June 3, No link available.
(Together NC cited)

"A plea for taxes -- more taxes," News & Observer, June 3,
(Together NC story)

"Town Hall meeting here," Durham Herald-Sun, June 3,
(Together NC story)

"Groups rally for tax increases amid plans for cuts," News 14, June 2,
(Together NC story, John Quinterno quoted)

"House looks to cut another $265m from human services," WRAL, June 2,
(Adam Searing quoted, Together NC cited)

"Groups call for more taxes to save programs," WRAL, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"Monday at the NC General Assembly," Greenville Daily Reflector, June 2,
(Together NC mentioned)

"Group says cuts to NC budget alone would devastate," Associated Press, June 2,
(AP story about Together NC rally, ran at WRAL, Durham Herald-Sun WBTV Canadian Business Magazine MSN Money

"State can't fix budget with cuts alone, group says," Winston-Salem Journal, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"Budget segment," Lockwood Phillips show, WTKF 107.1 FM and WJNC 1240 AM,
(Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Groups say cuts alone would devastate," WLOS ABC 13 Asheville, June 2,
(Together NC story) 

"Groups say cuts alone would devastate," NBC 17, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"More taxes, please," Under the Dome (News & Observer blog), June 2,
(Together NC story)

“Rally pushes NC legislature to raise taxes,” Charlotte Observer, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"Nonprofits want tax hike," ABC 11, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"Group says cuts to NC budget alone would devastate," Associated Press, June 2,
(Together NC AP story, ran on WRAL, WNCT and elsewhere)

"The long view: economic health hinges on tax reform (editorial)," Greenville Daily Reflector, June 2,
(Together NC cited)

"Together NC segment," News 14, June 2,
(Together NC story, Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Together NC segment," WUNC, June 2, No link available.
(Together NC story)

"Richmond, Scotland see more jobless," Richmond County Daily Journal, June 2,
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Advocates push for tax increases," Asheville Citizen-Times, June 2,
(Together NC story)

"Food stamps segment," WUNC, June 2, No link available.
(John Quinterno quoted)

"Immigration segment," WPTF, June 1, No link available.
(Attracta Kelly, Justice Center cited)

"Bind puts pinch on services," Winston-Salem, June 1,
(Together NC story)

"Immigration reform segment," WUNC, June 1, No link available.
(Justice Center cited)

"Immigration advocates to meet Monday in Raleigh, " NBC 17, June 1,

"Advocacy groups meet to discuss immigration reform," Associated Press, June 1.
(Justice Center cited. Story ran on WRAL ABC 13 WBTV Charlotte and the Bellingham (Washington) Herald

Also see clips from May 2009, April 2009, March 2009, February 2009 and January 2009.