NC HEALTH REPORT: Reform Crunch Time -- Call House Dems, Join our phone bank, Act Now

January 22, 2010
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker

With all the media jabberwocky out there, it's easy to forget that majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate support passage of health care reform. Health advocates all over North Carolina know how hard we have worked to get to this point. We have simply come much too far to turn back now.

The most likely scenario that gets comprehensive reform passed is for the House to pass the Senate bill with an accompanying strategy to fix problems in the Senate bill through the reconciliation process. At the Progressive Pulse we've collected a wide range of political analysis making this argument. See commentary and polls, a letter from policy experts, and one sentence from Paul Krugman.

To top it off see Community Catalyst's Talking Points on Why we Need to Pass the Senate Bill Now and Senate Health Care Reform Package Will Secure Coverage and Improve Quality of Care.

We need to let our Congressional delegation know - especially our House Democrats - that we need quality, affordable health care and that the status quo is not an option.


1. SIGN ON LETTER - We encourage you to sign on to this excellent letter to Members of Congress by Families USA using their online form.


We need to reform the health care system - the status quo is not a viable option for America's struggling families. Health care reform will stabilize families' finances, reduce the risk of medical debt and provide peace of mind to Americans across the country. Congress is so close to meaningful reform, and we urge you to pass the Senate bill. We will stand behind you when you make the right choice to support reform.

3. JOIN OUR PHONE BANK NEXT WEEK: We are organizing a phone bank next week to urge other North Carolinians to call their House members in Washington. JOIN US - Contact HAC Outreach Coordinator Hope Marasco ( 919-863-2405)

4. HCAN AND OTHER GROUPS NATIONAL CALL- IN DAY MONDAY: Call-in to the House to support reform.

WILMINGTON - HAC MEETING MONDAY, JAN 25, 6-8PM: First Baptist Church, 1939 Independence Blvd., Wilmington. First Baptist is located at the corner of Independence and S. Canterbury Rd., South of Oleander St. and the Independence Mall. See map.

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