NC HEALTH REPORT: Health Law Works Videos

September 23, 2010

By Adam Searing and Adam Linker

NEW VIDEO – The New Federal High Risk Insurance Pool: Today is the six-month anniversary of the new federal health care reform law. To see how the law is working for real people, HAC traveled to Wilkesboro, NC and talked to Robin Eastridge. Robin has had real trouble finding an affordable health policy and was flatly turned down by two health insurers. Then along came the new health law with the federal high-risk health insurance pool.

NEW VIDEO – Promoting Quality Care, Not Just Affording Coverage: The new health law isn’t just about making care more affordable for people like Robin. The law also aims to make the health care we deliver better and more coordinated, including for older adults who need help and people with chronic diseases. Provisions in the law encourage states to shift and coordinate more services in the community to keep people in their homes and give family caregivers the help they need. To explore these problems, last weekend HAC went and talked to Louise Gooche, a member of the amazing Durham Divas, at the Durham Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.

CHILD HEALTH OPTIONS: HAC HOLDING WAKE COUNTY MEETING FOR PARENTS SEPTEMBER 23 (TONIGHT) --- At the Raleigh Community and Safety Club we’ll be talking about options for parents to get their kids covered – both under Medicaid and Health Choice and new options under the health law. We’ll also hear from a college student who is now guaranteed coverage under his parent’s plan because of the new health law.

We want to hear people stories and we’ll be answering questions about the new health law as well. See the flyer for the event here.

Contact Nicole Dozier (919-856-2146 or for more information.

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