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Alphabetical List of All Staff

Billy Ball, Education Reporter, NC Policy Watch

Daniel Bowes, Staff Attorney, Workers' Rights Project

Carol Brooke, Staff Attorney, Workers' Rights Project

Juan Calderon, Paralegal, Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Nicole Dozier, Director, Health Access Coalition

Susan Dunn, Deputy Director for Finance and Facilities

Matt Ellinwood, Director, Education & Law Project

Elise Elliott, Assistant Finance Director

Chris Fitzsimon, Director, NC Policy Watch

Allan Freyer, Director, Workers' Rights Project

Rick Glazier, Executive Director

Julia Hawes, Communications Director

Clayton Henkel, Communications Coordinator, NC Policy Watch

Jack Holtzman, Senior Attorney, Consumer & Housing Project and Project Director, Fair Housing Project, Legal Aid of NC

Cedric Johnson, Policy Analyst, Budget & Tax Center

Marion Johnson, Policy Advocate, Budget & Tax Center

Mindy Lemus, Paralegal, Immigrant & Refugee Rights / Workers' Rights Projects

Lucy Martinez, Deputy Director for Human Resources

Patrick McHugh, Economic Analyst, Budget & Tax Center

Carlene McNulty, Deputy Director of Litigation

Tazra Mitchell, Policy Analyst, Budget & Tax Center

Dani Moore, Director, Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Jan Nichols, Chief Technology Officer

Phyllis Nunn, Design Director

Ana Pardo, Campaign & Outreach Coordinator, Workers' Rights Project

Jason Pikler, Staff Attorney, Consumer & Housing Project

Raul Pinto, Staff Attorney, Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Seonaid Rijo, Senior Paralegal, Consumer & Housing Project

Brendan Riley, Policy Analyst, Health Access Coalition

Al Ripley, Director, Consumer & Housing Project

Clermont Ripley, Staff Attorney, Workers' Rights Project

Jonela Rogers, Public Allies Americorps Apprentice, Budget & Tax Center

Bill Rowe, General Counsel & Deputy Director for Advocacy

Rob Schofield, Policy Director, NC Policy Watch

Alexandra Forter Sirota, Director, Budget & Tax Center

Suijin Li Snyder, Senior Administrative Assistant

Lisa Sorg, Environmental Reporter, NC Policy Watch

Mel Umbarger, Senior Communications Specialist, Budget & Tax Center

Melissa Wiggins, Coordinator for Special Projects Events, and Grants

Kate Woomer-Deters, Staff Attorney, Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Ciara Zachary, Policy Analyst, Health Access Coalition


Staff by Project

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Consumer Protections & Housing Project

Education & Law Project

Health Access Coalition

Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

NC Policy Watch

Workers' Rights Project

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