In the News: February 2011


“Should Collective Bargaining Be a Right for State Employees?” Bill LuMaye Show on WPTF, Feb. 28,
(Rob Schofield interview)

"Tension builds over plan to implement health reform in NC," WFAE 90.7, Feb. 28,
(quotes Adam Linker)

"It's all connected," Open Salon, Feb. 28,
(cites Together NC)
"A deadly reduction by omission," Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 27,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
"Higher NC employer taxes to cut debt are likely," Blue Ridge Now, Feb. 27,
(quotes Harry Payne)
"Budget cuts target people," Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 27,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
"Letter: Pot, video poker hold budget cure," Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 27,
(response to Chris Fitzsimon column)
"Tillman OK with no free-lunch kids in charters," Raleigh News & Observer, Feb. 25,
(quotes Chris Fitzsimon)
"Paycheck boost," Raleigh News & Observer, Feb. 25,
(BTC letter to the editor)
"Battle over control of health law's exchanges roils North Carolina," The Hill, Feb. 24,
(quotes Adam Linker)
"Poll: Change in paying for nuclear plants opposed," Charlotte Observer, Feb. 24,
(cites Justice Center as supporter of Consumers Against Rate Hikes)
"North Carolina disses South Carolina," Columbia Free Times, Feb. 23,
(Together NC ad)
"Tuesday at the NC General Assembly", AP/Daily Comet, Feb. 22,
(Together NC rally)
"Analysis: N.C. Consumer Advocates Seeing Red Over Bait and Switch by One of the Blues", Center for Public Integrity, Feb. 22,
(quotes Adam Linker)
"Make state taxes fair (or fair-er, anyway): What Perdue coud've done", Independent Weekly, Feb. 22,
(cites BTC, quotes Alexandra Sirota)
"Groups want budget investments, not just cuts", WRAL, Feb. 22,
(Together NC event)
"Rally in Asheville targets budget cuts", Asheville Citizen-Times, Feb. 22,|topnews|text|Frontpage
(cites Together NC)
"NC criminal system would get makeover in court", NECN, Feb. 21,
(quotes Bill Rowe)
"Craven County foreclosures up slightly, expected to peak this year", New Bern Sun Journal, Feb. 21,
(quotes Jeff Shaw)
"GOP's vision disturbing", Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 20,
(Chris Fitzsimon op-ed)
"Editorial: Get serious about taxes," Greensboro News & Record, Feb. 20,
(cites BTC)
"North Carolina ad criticizes our state," (Columbia, SC), Feb. 19,
(discusses Together NC ad)
"A glimpse of the New North Carolina," Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 19 ,
(Chris Fitzsimon op-ed)
"Wage garnishment bill 'goes too far'", NC State AFL-CIO, Feb. 18,
(cites Rob Schofield op-ed)
"Perdue skipped some options to balance budget,", Feb. 18
(quotes Edwin McLenaghan)
"Gov's budget splits the education baby", Independent Weekly, Feb. 17,
(cites Together NC's budget statement)
"A peculiar definition of openness," Macon County News, Feb. 17,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
NBC-17, Feb. 17, no link available. (Alexandra Forter Sirota interviewed)
"Perdue's Budget Offers Gestures", The Pilot, Feb. 17,
(quotes Chris Fitzsimon)
"Perdue plan would cut corporate tax rate," News & Observer, Feb. 17,
(quotes Alexandra Sirota)
"Debtors and the law", News & Observer, Feb. 17,
(response to Rob Schofield's Feb. 15 op-ed)
"3 Weeks In, the Left Plays the Evil Republican Card," John Locke Foundation Right Angles Blog, Feb. 16,
(response to Chris Fitzsimon's Policy Watch post)
"Reshaping N.C.'s health coverage", News & Observer, Feb. 16,
(op-ed by Adam Linker and Adam Searing)
"Critics clamor over speech," Richmond County Daily Journal, Feb. 16,
(quotes Chris Fitzsimon, Justice Center press release)
"North Carolina Budget Woes May Cut Subsidy for Working Poor," WSPA Channel 7, Feb. 16,
(Alexandra Sirota quoted)
"State of the State reviews coming in," In the Loop blog, Feb. 15,
(Louisa Warren, Chris Fitzsimon, Alexandra Sirota quoted)
"A progressive's view of Perdue's State of the State address," Tuckasegee Reader, Feb. 15,
(cites Chris Fitzsimon, Policy Watch blog)
"Physicians use merger to preserve independence," ENC Today, Feb. 15,
(quotes Adam Searing)
"Perdue's speech leaves progressives wondering where she stands on cuts", The American Independent, Feb. 15,
(Together NC, BTC statements quoted)
Edwin McLenaghan, Lockwood Phillips show on WTFK, Feb. 15, no link available
"Together NC, Treasurer Cowell push solutions for budget gap," The American Independent, Feb. 15,
(references Together NC poll numbers, questions)
“Collecting on Debts: Bill Goes Too Far for N.C.”, News & Observer, Feb. 15,
(Rob Schofield op-ed)
State of the State segment, WPTF's Bill LuMaye show, Feb. 15, no link available.
(Louisa Warren interviewed)
“No video poker for schools,” Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 14,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
Rob Schofield segment, WPTF's Bill LuMaye show, Feb. 14, no link available.
State of the State segment, WPTF evening news, Feb. 14, no link available.
(Together NC segment)
State of the State segment, ABC 11, Feb. 14, no link available.
(Jeff Shaw interviewed)
“How things change after four months,” Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 12,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
"The worst way to raise revenue," Macon News, Feb. 10 ,
(Chris Fitzsimon opinion)
"North Carolina lottery eyes rules on video gambling," Asheville Citizen-Times, Feb. 10,|topnews|text|Frontpage
(quotes Rob Schofield)
"Report: NC community colleges 'absolutely critical," Tuckasegee Reader, Feb. 10,
(BTC report)
"High-stakes budget game: Perdue may back video gambling," Fayette Observer, Feb. 9,
(cites Chris Fitzsimon and Policy Watch)
"NC Senate gives initial OK to moneysaving plan," ABC 11, Feb. 3,,
(quotes Alexandra Forter Sirota)
"Health benefits for NC lawmakers, but not you," ABC-11, Feb. 7,
(quotes Adam Searing)
“A reality check for business,” Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 6,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
“Good, bad, troubling,” Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 6,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)
“Revenue modernization,” Triangle Business Journal, Feb. 4, no link available.
(Edwin McLenaghan op-ed)
"Pro-immigrant group rallies against NC bill," Reese News, Feb. 4,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)
"First priority for state of N.C. must be to preserve jobs," Charlotte Observer, Feb. 4,
(LTE response to Alexandra Forter Sirota's op-ed on Jan. 30)
“A budget to protect families,” News & Observer, Feb. 4,
(Together NC op-ed)
"NC Senate gives initial OK to moneysaving plan," ABC-11, Feb. 3,
(quotes Alexandra Forter Sirota)
"The fight for the survival of public schools", Macon News, Feb. 3,
(Christ FItzsimon opinion)

"Jeff Shaw talks NC budget," Bill LuMaye Show, WPTF, Feb. 3,
(Jeff Shaw interview)

"Moving money around", Greensboro News & Observer, Feb. 2,
(discusses, quotes Chris Fitzsimon)
"Amid deficit,state workers brace for layoffs," The Cary News, Feb. 2,
(quotes Alexandra Forter Sirota)
"Thousands expected at HKonJ", Triangle Tribune, Feb. 2,
(quotes Jeff Shaw)
"State tackles national health care," Watauga Democrat, Feb. 1,
(cites NC Health Access Coalition research)
"The N.C. budget: Let's talk revenue" Independent Weekly, Feb. 1,
(cites NC Policy Watch report)
"Monday at the NC General Assembly," Greenville Daily Reflector, Feb. 1,
(quotes Adam Linker)