LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: Child care subsidies: A job saver, creator, and multiplier

ByChild Care Subsidies: A Job Saver, Creator and Multiplier
By Louisa B. Warren
Senior Policy Advocate
March 22, 2011
  • North Carolina’s economic growth now and into the future is deeply tied to the investments we make now in early childhood education. Investments in early childhood education can yield as much as $17 on every $1 invested.
  • The state’s subsidized child care program, which offers financial aid to working parents to offset the high cost of child care, is a critical component of this early childhood education system.
  • Child care subsidies are intimately connected to job retention and job growth, with more than 151,000 families able to keep their jobs and place their children in high quality early-learning settings due to the program.
  • The child care subsidy program is deeply connected to other early childhood education programs such as Smart Start and More at Four. Any cuts to child care subsidies will impact the integrity of the entire early childhood system and vice versa.
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