LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: Don't Weaken Protection For NC Homeowners, Homebuyers and Renters

House Bill 654 would weaken protections and make it easier for unscrupulous real-estate scam artists to rob working families of wealth and cost people their homes

BY JEFF SHAW – Director of Communications
June 6, 2011
  • House Bill 654 would weaken protections for homeowners and homebuyers against unscrupulous practices like foreclosure rescue scams.
  • Common-sense safeguards that protect homeowners, buyers and renters are critical to opportunity and prosperity. Weakening our state's defenses against foreclosure rescue and other real-estate scams is especially unwise with the continuing economic crisis.
  • One example of the dangers: House Bill 654 would make it easier for scammers to create abusive contracts with provisions that could cost people their homes even if they've made every payment and made those payments on time. This is unspeakably harmful to consumers.
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