Ready the Ground: Usher Training

Ready the Ground:
Usher Training for Demonstrations
As conditions change throughout our world, people-power actions – like rallies, demonstrations, vigils, and pickets –are increasing.
Gain valuable skills to help welcome new participants and help keep our demonstrations peaceful, coordinated, andeffective in bringing about positive social change.
This in-depth, highly interactive training will prepare you to serve as an usher for demonstrations.
Ushers welcome people, provide good information, model the tone desired for the event, and handle any trouble (things that interfere with the operation of the event or with the clarity of its message). Ushers function in a welcoming, guidance, hospitality, and diplomacy role. They do not serve as enforcers or bouncers.
In recruiting ushers we look for friendly people who have good judgment, who can remain calm and effective in moments of excitement or stress, and who interact respectfully with all kinds of people.
Each training offers six hours of preparation facilitated by experienced trainers and usher leaders.  You'll get a bit of theory and lots of experiential learning in an expertly designed workshop format.  Plus lunch, childcare, Spanish-English interpretation, and lots of chances to ask questions and learn from facilitators and each other.
Trainings available free of charge throughout the Triangle
Chapel Hill: October 11th. Register and receive info on specific location.
Durham: November 8th. Register and receive info on specific location.
Raleigh: January date to be announced soon.
All trainings on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm
To apply, please go to <>, email <>, or phone 919-834-2693.
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