Restore Unemployment Insurance Fairness


North Carolina policymakers must restore the cuts made to unemployment insurance and reduce the harm to jobless workers that has resulted from the unfair and out-of-balance changes to unemployment insurance.

North Carolina’s labor market has not recovered fully from the Great Recession. There are still too few jobs for those who want to work. Rather than focus on closing the jobs deficit, the North Carolina General Assembly cut unemployment insurance for jobless workers a lifeline that keeps workers engaged in their job search and able to meet their most basic needs.

The result of the changes made to unemployment insurance is that jobless workers have fewer weeks of unemployment insurance and the average jobless worker has $300 less a month. That is equivalent to half a month’s rent or more than two grocery trips.

It is critical that North Carolina reverse course and enact a more balanced plan for unemployment insurance: one that supports jobless workers and asks employers to pay their fair share towards repayment of their debt.

Join us in a campaign to restore balance and fairness to unemployment insurance.  

For more information about the unemployment insurance changes, here are some useful resources: