MEDIA RELEASE: Local leaders to Gov. McCrory: ensure revenue-neutral tax reform

Officials from across NC send a letter asking the governor to protect vital public investments

RALEIGH (June 25, 2013) — Citing concerns about harm to their communities, more than 40 local officials from across North Carolina called on Gov. Pat McCrory today to make sure any tax reform is revenue neutral.

Mayors, county commissioners and other local officials said they were “very concerned about current tax proposals” in a letter delivered to the governor today. Both the North Carolina House and Senate proposals, the letter said, “will make it difficult for both state and local governments to fund vital public investments that are critical to the competitiveness of our state and local economies.” 

Gov. McCrory repeatedly stated during the campaign and his tenure in office that he believed any state tax reform should not undermine state tax revenue.

“Governor, we believe you were right in repeatedly stating that any state tax reform must be revenue neutral so that our public investments are not put in further danger and our local governments aren’t further strapped to provide critical services. We support you in your pursuit of revenue neutral tax reform and ask that you reject legislation that would put undue pressure on middle income families and localities like those currently being proposed in the state legislature,” the letter said.

Local officials from distinct regions of North Carolina joined together, citing job losses, crowded classrooms, and loss of numerous resources essential to community prosperity as potential consequences of current tax plans.

“As our state and localities begin to climb their way out of this difficult economic situation, it is time to reinvest in our public investments and infrastructure, not further deepen budget cuts that lock in recession era spending,” the letter said.

The complete letter with a full list of signers can be seen here.

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